I'm currently Senior Director of Product Design at Upwork. Previously, I had the pleasure of leading product design and design system teams at Accenture Software for a suite of enterprise products. Way back, in Accenture’s UX consulting group, I led UX teams partnering with clients such as Marriott, Microsoft, State Farm, Verizon, AT&T and others. When I'm not designing or working with teams, I am a dad and a tennis player. 

Products & Projects


Agency Marketplace

Connecting boutique agencies and clients to complete large projects on Upwork. 


Enterprise product

Grow distributed teams and manage complex remote work strategies with the worlds largest on-demand talent platform.


Program Experience

Enabling large businesses to launch and manage remote talent workforce programs.

Accenture Software

Origami Design System

Origami design system brings together a suite of enterprise products with consistency and branding

Design Thinking

Implemented a design thinking playbook and various materials to improve delivery and quality across the product and design organization.

CV Social

Connecting job seekers and professionals to career coaches for resume feedback.

Go Tracks

Travel toy for kids. Folds up into an easy carrying pouch.

(Personal project)


San Francisco, CA

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