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"Scott has an impressive nose for talent. In our 6 years working together he consistently sourced, engaged and retained excellent new design talent, while always receiving rave reviews from his directs. He's a seasoned, organized, thoughtful and engaged leader that is always keeping an eye out for ways to improve both himself and his team."

SVP Product & Design

"Scott is a thoughtful leader who thinks deeply about customer problems and strategy before jumping into solutions. He values working relationships and effectively partners with team members across different functions (Product, Engineering, etc.) to drive forth a goal. What I appreciated most about Scott is his ability to push the team to solve customer problems in unconventional ways, and think beyond artificial limitations we (often-times) place on ourselves, or the product. These are only some of the reasons why Scott was selected to lead many high profile initiatives and launches at Upwork."

Senior Director, Product Management

"Scott was such a wonderful collaborator when we worked together at Comfy. He brought a wealth of knowledge around design principles combined with a refined aesthetic for end user interactions. Further, Scott was excellent in collecting customer inputs, organizing our product advisory board to gather ongoing feedback and input from our constituencies. It was a pleasure for our Marketing team to work with a partner like Scott."

VP Marketing

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